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Why invest in Energy Efficiency?


Energy efficiency is one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century, and one of our greatest challenges.

As the world come to terms with its finite supply of fossil fuels, governments around the world are passing new legislation targeted at reducing energy consumption and developing new technology for alternate energy. In addition, the threat of global climate change is driving efforts by powerful "green" non-government agencies to convince companies to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Since electric motor systems account for almost a quarter of all electricity consumed in the United States and almost three-quarters of all electricity consumed in the manufacturing sector, electric motors buyers are in a powerful position to make a noticeable difference in energy consumption-- just by selecting the right motor and employing intelligent motor system management.

The decision to employ energy efficient motor systems creates a win for all stakeholders: motor distributors, original equipment manufacturers, motor users and the world at large.



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