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Efficient LEESON Products


New efficiency standards started taking place in 2010, with even more rules effecting small motors that took effect in March of 2015. LEESON is prepared with a wide selection of energy efficient product solutions including motors, drives and gearmotors.

Leeson has been offering NEMA Premium products since 1991. We became a sponsor of Motor Decisions Matter in 2002.

Providing Energy Saving Solutions

LEESON can provide not only individual energy efficient products but also complete energy packaged solutions to maximize total energy savings.



wattsaver drive  
Wattsaver premium efficiency motors already meet the NEMA premium standard of efficiency, meeting or exceeding utility rebate programs. Combine a WATTSAVER motor and LeCENTRIC reducer with a SPEEDMASTER AC drive to further reduce energy bills by controlling total system power consumption.  

Variable Speed Saves Money



Leeson’s inverter duty motors and variable speed controls will save on energy costs, lower your maintenance costs, as well as improve your plant’s automation, regulation and repeatability.

Use the cost savings formula below to see just how much LEESON variable speed motors and drives can help your bottom line in pump applications.



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Efficient LEESON Products
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