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EISA Legislation, Energy legislation, Energy Independence & Securities Act, Small motor rulesHow Do I Check My Motor for EISA Compliance?


Model vs. Rule

  • The efficiency value for a given model will not change.
  • The efficiency level is what it is.
  • ONLY the rules for using a particular motor will change.

EPACT efficiency levels/values are the same now as they will be in 2010 - NEMA MG1 Table 12-11(see note below).

NEMA Premium efficiency levels/values are the same now as they will be in 2010 - NEMA MG1 Table 12-12 (see note below).

How to check a Model for Compliance/Changes

1. Check the model details to see what features it has. What makes the motor NOT general purpose? Voltage, frequency, feet, vertical mounting, etc.

2. Look at the rules below. Are any of those features still considered special? If not, the motor must meet EPACT or NEMA Premium.

Specific E.I.S.A. Rules

Exempt / Not Covered

  • Single Phase
  • Special Shaft extensions
  • Special V/Hz inverter motors
  • Non-continuous motors
  • Design D
  • Phase converters
  • 50Hz
  • Two-digit frames (48,56)

Must meet EPACT (Table 12-11)

  • Close coupled pump
  • Vertical solid shaft
  • Round Body
  • Non standard voltages, 60Hz
  • 200-500hp
  • Firepump motors
  • U-frame

Must Meet NEMA Premium (Table 12-12)

  • 1-200hp
  • Design A & B
  • C-face, D-flange
  • Footed
  • Voltages covered by EPACT (60Hz)

Note: NEMA Tables require registration with NEMA.


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