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Glossary of Terms

Underwriters Laboratories (UL):
Independent United States testing organization that sets safety standards for motors and other electrical equipment.
Vector Drive:
An AC drive with enhanced processing capability that provides positioning accuracy and fast response to speed and torque changes. Often used with feedback devices in a closed-loop system.
A unit of electromotive force that, when applied to conductors, will produce current in the conductors.
The amount of power required to maintain a current of 1 ampere at a pressure of one volt when the two are in phase with each other. One horsepower is equal to 746 watts.
Typically refers to the process of wrapping coils of copper wire around a core. In an AC induction motor, the primary winding is a stator consisting of wire coils inserted into slots within steel laminations. The secondary winding of an AC induction motor is usually not a winding at all, but rather a cast rotor assembly. In a permanent magnet DC motor, the winding is the rotating armature.
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