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Glossary of Terms

National Electric Code (NEC):
A safety code regarding the use of electricity. The NEC is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Institute. It is also used by insurance inspectors and by many government bodies regulating building codes.
NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association):
A nonprofit trade organization, supported by manufacturers of electrical apparatus and supplies in the United States. Its standards alleviate misunderstanding and help buyers select the proper products. NEMA standards for motors cover frame sizes and dimensions, horsepower ratings, service factors, temperature rises and various performance characteristics.
Open Circuit:
A break in an electrical circuit that prevents normal current flow.
Output Horsepower:
The amount of horsepower available at the output shaft of a gear reducer. Output horsepower is always less than the input horsepower due to the efficiency of the reducer.
Output Shaft:
The shaft of a speed reducer assembly that is connected to the load. This may also be called the drive shaft or the slow speed shaft.
Overhung Load:
A force applied at right angles to a shaft beyond the shaft’s outermost bearing. This shaft-bending load must be supported by the bearing.
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