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Glossary of Terms

A device that creates mechanical motion by converting various forms of energy to rotating or linear mechanical energy.
Adjustable Speed Drive:
A mechanical, fluid or electrical device that variably changes an input speed to an output speed matching operating requirements.
AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association):
Standards setting organization composed of gear products manufacturers and users. AGMA standards help bring uniformity to the design and application of gear products.
Air-Over (AO):
Motors for fan or blower service that are cooled by the air stream from the fan or blower.
Alternating Current (AC):
The standard power supply available from electric utilities.
Ambient Temperature:
The temperature of the air which, when coming into contact with the heated parts of a motor, carries off its heat. Ambient temperature is commonly known as room temperature.
Ampere (Amp):
The standard unit of electric current. The current produced by a pressure of one volt in a circuit having a resistance of one ohm.
  • The rotating part of a brush-type direct current motor.
  • In an induction motor, the squirrel cage rotor.
Axial Movement:
Often called “endplay.” The endwise movement of motor or gear shafts. Usually expressed in thousandths of an inch.
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