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It's the Motor You Weren't Quite Expecting. It's More.
Platinum e.™ It delivers what other motors only promise.
Give it a casual glance and you might miss that you're looking at a technical wonder. Because in Platinum e™ LEESON delivers the best of everything that our customers have been seeking. Platinum e™ is a name that truly fits transitional motor design—one with value that continues to pay back year after year.

Platinum e™ series exceeds the efficiency of traditional AC induction motors.
  • Energy efficiency over a wide speed range
  • Desired output power in smaller frame sizes
  • Variable speed operation in constant-torque and variable-torque applications
  • Lower routine and long-term maintenance
  • A product line in fractional and integral frame sizes
  • Ultra-efficient design
  • CI Severe Duty construction
  • IRIS insulation system
  • Power density
  • Reduce/eliminate shaft current
  • Interior Permanent Magnet design
  • NEMA & IEC designs
  • Performance matched to PM drive
  • Wide speed range
  • Precision balanced (0.08"/sec)
  • Angle Mount: Horizontal, Vertical Up/Down
  • Energy/utility savings
  • Suitable for harsh environment
  • High reliability
  • Weight, torque, performance
  • Longer life, less maintenance
  • Higher speed, better performance
  • Direct retrofit - globally
  • Flexibility, customer-centric
  • Optimal performance
  • Reduced vibration
  • Maximum mounting flexibility
Platinum e™ permanent magnet technology provides energy savings across a broad range of fractional and integral horsepower motors. By reducing rotor losses, the patent-pending radial magnet design greatly improves motor efficiency and specific output power. What's more, the compact design of Platinum e™ motors enables easy integration with existing machine designs and processes to optimize system efficiency.
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