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Grove Gear IRONMAN Stainless Steel Helical-Inline R Series
(Replaces the Grove Gear TorqueLine Series)


inineEnergy efficiency is paramount when selecting gear drives and motors for power transmission applications. Having a sanitary, easy-to-clean product design is critical in applications involving food and meat processing. You cannot afford to risk pathogen contamination in your consumer products. Grove Gear IRONMAN Stainless Steel helical drives bring energy efficiency and a sanitary drive package together by offering the following features:

  • 93 to 97% efficiency in ratios up to 138/1
  • Power ratings up to 18 HP
  • 316 Stainless steel housings and shafts
  • Smooth surface finish
  • High pressure seals configured for severe high pressure and chemical washdown environments
  • BISSC Certified and HACCP compatible
  • Packaged with LEESON Washguard® all-stainless motors

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