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Automotive Duty Motors

Lincoln Takes "Automotive Duty" to a New Level
Ultimate E cast iron U-Frame motors provide premium energy-efficiency and outstanding performance. Our "P" efficiency code models comply with the efficiency requirements of the United States and Canada for general purpose T-Frame industrial motors. All models deliver new levels of versatility and reliability.
  • "P" efficiency models meet or exceed General Motors GM-7EH and GM-7EQ, Ford EM-1 and Chrysler NPEM-100 specifications. "G" efficiency models meet GM-7EQ.
  • 3-year warranty on sine-wave power.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
More Overload Capability
With a design specification exceeding 1.15 Service Factor at 40C ambient on sine-wave power, Ultimate E U-Frame motors provide peace of mind in uncertain situations. Peak loads, worst-case scenarios, whatever comes their way, these motors deliver the overload assurance to let you rest easy. Motors are also nameplated for 1.00 Service Factor, 65C ambient.
Cool Running Motors Mean Exceptional Life
Heat kills motors. A cool-running motor lasts longer because its insulation lasts longer. Most Ultimate E U-Frame motors have an operating temperature way below the capacity of their premium Class F Plus insulation system. In other words, these motors stay within a 25C to 65C temperature rise at rated horsepower even though the insulation system can withstand 115C. The result? Because every 10C drop in operating temperature doubles the expected life of the insulation system, these motors will still be running long after the others have quit.
Vary the Speed, Keep the Motor; Reap the Benefits
Lincoln Ultimate E U-Frame motors are Inverter-Rated for use with any brand drive, at any drive-to-motor distance and at any carrier frequency. Filters and other power conditioning devices are never required.
  • "P" efficiency codes have a continuous duty constant torque speed range of 6 to 60 Hz (10:1) and variable torque speed range of 3 to 60 Hz (20:1). Warranty is 2 years when operated on PWM power.
  • "G" efficiency codes have continuous duty constant torque speed range of 15 to 60 Hz (4:1) and variable torque speed range of 6 to 60 Hz (10:1). Warranty is 1 year when operated on PWM power.
Available Sizes:
Horsepower 1.5 to 100 1 to 100 3/4 to 75
Speed (RPM) 3600 1800 1200
Mechanical Features:
  • Ultra-rugged cast iron frame designs available 180 frame and above
  • Cast iron fan shroud on 324U frame and larger
  • Oversized, fully gasketed, cast iron terminal box provides excellent protection from the environment. Also includes a threaded conduit entry hole for easy power connection.
  • Every rotor assembly is dynamically balanced for low vibration.
  • Larger bearings on over 85% of the frame sizes (compared to previous design) yield longer, more dependable service life. A v-ring shaft seal further protects the premium quality double-shielded ball bearings.
  • All critical dimensions of the stator frame, end brackets and shaft are machined to precise tolerances for minimal run-out.
  • Lower noise designs improve plant sound quality
Electrical Features:
  • NEMA Design B performance
  • Premium Class F Plus Insulation System
  • Every motor is surge tested at 4500 V and ground tested at 3400 V before it is packaged. These tests are very demanding - only the best engineered and built motors can survive.
  • UL Recognized Component Listing and CSA approval.

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