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Agricultural Duty

Agricultural and Farm Duty Motors
Our complete line of single-phase and three phase Farm Duty/Agricultural Duty series of motors are designed and built for the tough applications found in the agricultural industry.
Mechanical Features Gasketed capacitor housing and conduit boxes provide protection in all environments. Double sealed ball bearings are prelubricated with Exxon POLYREX® EM grease having operating temperature range of -20°F to+350°F. Rubber boot over manual protector reset button provides weather protection.

Electrical Features Low temperature manual overload protector protects against extreme overload. Class “F” copper windings and varnish. Capacitor start provides high starting torque with normal starting current.
ECO-Ag - Premium Efficient Farm Duty Motors
• Up to 22% higher efficiency than standard Ag Motors
• Sealed bearings
• Shaft flinger - output shaft
• High starting torque
• Manual overload protected
• Weep holes provide condensation drains
eco Ag  logo  Eco Ag Motor
General Purpose Farm Duty
  • 1/3 to 10 HP, TEFC, High Torque (HT): Feeders, conveyors, fans, compressors, spray washers, grinders, elevators, pumps and other demanding applications that require high starting torque.
  • 2 to 10 HP, TEFC, Extra High Torque (EHT): Silo unloaders, barn cleaners, bunk feeders, conveyors and other machinery requiring extra high starting torque. Motors have 300% and greater LRT.
Agricultural Fan
Engineered for demanding agricultural applications such as poultry house fans and barn exhaust fans. All have thermal overload protection as standard. Some must be mounted in air stream for proper cooling
  • 1/2 - 1 HP, 56Z frame – Totally Enclosed (foot mount, belt drive)
  • 1/4 to 1 HP, 48Z & 56HZ frame – TEAO (PSC variable speed, resilient base, thru bolt)
  • 1/4 & 1/3 HP, 48YZ frame – Totally Enclosed (direct drive, thru bolt, single and two speed)
  • 1/4 to 3/4 HP – TEAO (resilient base, thru bolt)
Grain Dryer / Centrifugal Fan Motor
             Crop Dryer Motor

• Open - 16 HP

• TEFC - 15 HP

• Single phase

• 268% Starting Torque
• Oversized sealed bearings
• Rodent Screen Protection on open
• Rolled Steel frame with cast iron endbells
• Epoxy painted
• High efficiency

Tobacco Barn Motors
• Drip-proof airover designs
• Class H insulation for high
ambient conditions
• 80° C ambient rated
• 120 inch leads
• Oversized double sealed bearings
• 1/4-20 tapped hole at end of shaft
          Tobacco Barn Motors.png
Grain Stirring
             GRAIN STIRRING

• TEFC, continuous duty
• High torque designs
• Rugged 205 bearing, shaft end
• Vertical shaft up design with drain hole
• 7/8” Dia. Shaft

Complete use of gaskets and fan/fan guard on drive end keeps grain dust out of motor.

Catfish Pond Motor

• Designed for outdoor pond aeration applications
• High torque designs
• Epoxy painted for corrosion protection
• Double sealed ball bearings
• Drain holes provided to purge condensation
               Catfish Pond Motor
Milk Transfer Pump Motor
            Milk Transfer Pump Motor • Replacements for SURGE® milk pumps
• WASHGUARD® motor features for high pressure
washdown applications
• Epoxy painted and stainless ratings available for
corrosion protection
• Capacitor supplied loose with motor 113939.00
• Motors 119227.00& 119231.00 are capacitor start -induction run motors
• Solid state encapsulated starting switch on capacitor start motors
• Three phase motor is inverter rated
Jet Pump- Tank Washer Motor  

• 56J Jet Pump motor

• White epoxy painted

• 303 grade stainless steel shaft

• CCW rotation facing lead end

Threaded Shaft Milk Pump Motor
• Replacements Motors for BouMatic Milk Pumps
• WASHGUARD® motor features for high pressure washdown applications
• Epoxy painted and stainless ratings available for corrosion protection
• Single phase motors are capacitor start - induction run designs
• Solid state encapsulated starting switch on single phase motors
          Threaded Shaft Milk Transfer Pump Motor
Feed-Auger Drive Motors - Dust Tight
               Feed-Auger Drive Motor              
• Replacement motors for poultry feed auger drive systems
• Choice of mechanical or solid state starting switch
• Mechanical switch has over-speed protection - Note 51
• Manual overload protected
Auger Drive
Replacement motors for poultry feed auger drive systems. Bolts to existing gearbox for easy installation. Mechanical start switch protected from overspeeded auger drive. Extended fan-end shaft with flats for manually jogging auger drive. Available in 1/3 to 1-1/2 HP, TEFC, N-flange footless, single phase .      AUGER DRIVE
Crop Dryer
CROP DRYER Designed for use on crop dryers with air over/fan-on-shaft design. Available in 3 to 16 HP single phase and 5 to 16 HP three phase. Open and totall enclosed fan cooled motors. Features include: built-in overload protection, extended lead length, keyed shaft with tapped hole in end, special balance limits for reduced vibration, maintenance-free ball bearings and extra nameplate for remote mounting.
Irrigation Booster Pump Motor  


• 56J and 56C frames

• Epoxy painted

• Rain canopy

• Vertical shaft down applications

Irrigation Booster Motor
Hatchery and Incubator Fan Motors  

• 1/4 to 1/2 Horspower

• Automatic overload

• Double shielded ball bearings

• Resilient mount or round body

Hatchery and Incubator Motors
Feather Picker Motors
           Duck logoFeather Picker Motor • Replacement motors used in Poultry feather picker machines
• Phosphatized or stainless steel shafts drilled and tapped
metric shafts
• Epoxy painted for corrosion protection
• Stainless motor - 122009.00
• Encapsulated stainless motor - 122010.00
• Washdown duty features including shaft seals
• USDA approved food-safe paint
• Extra high breakdown torques



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