LEESON Electric Corporation  


LEESON’S off-the-shelf product now includes the Lincoln Electric line of Industrial AC motors. Together, we now offer over 6,000 stock motors, gearmotors, gear reducers and drives. All are built for industrial use and have numerous features making them easy to install in replacement and new applications.
Stock motors include both AC and DC designs, from sub-fractional horsepower through hundreds of horsepower for general-purpose use and specific duty applications. All popular enclosures and
configurations are available, along with some not-so-easy-to find items. Standard at no extra cost on all stock NEMA three phase motors (1 HP and larger) is LEESON’s Inverter-Rated Insulation System (IRIS tm), which provides an extra margin of protection from inverter-induced voltage spikes. Lincoln Electric Motors offers their “Ultimate E” inverter-rated insulation system on their 1HP and larger frame three phase motors.
Speedmaster drives are a perfect fit with many types of the LEESON and Lincoln three-phase
motors. Our Micro Series line of inverters is now available through 60 HP at 230 Volts and through
150 HP at 460 Volts. They also offer easy-to-use- “plain English” programming with built in PID
software, making them a closed-loop drive, if needed. For applications through 25 HP, choose the
‘SM-Plus Inverter, with its minuscule footprint, “big drive” features and wide range of accessories. If all you require is a “Shaft-turner” for your application needs, choose the SM-Series drive, having the same small footprint and many of the features of our SM-Plus Series, at a great price. We also offer a sensorless Vector inverter, which offers 200% starting torque and when run with a vector duty motor, full output torque down to 1Hz.
We also offer a competitive line of SCR, PWM, Regenerative and Low Voltage DC Controls.
LEESON is a Regal-Beloit Company, a worldwide manufacturer of mechanical and electrical motion control products. LEESON and Lincoln sales offices and warehouses are located throughout North America.