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Brochures And Catalogs

The Brochures & Catalogs Listed below are PDF files. For a list of literature that is available in hard copy, please see the Literature Request Form Drop Down Menu Item. More detailed catalog descriptions will appear upon mouseover of page thumbnail.
  Product catalog, 1050 Catalog, Motor catalog, 1050 Catalog, 1050 Stock product catalog   Pulleys Catalog   All products brochure, Bulletin 1055, Product overview  
Bulletin 1500
  Catalog 1050  

Pulleys Catalog 1060


All Products Overview

Brochure Bulletin 1055


Washdown Motors

Bulletin 1500


  Inverter Duty Motors with Shaft Grounding Rings   Large Motors   EISA Legislation, Small motor rule, Small motor rules, DOE rules   Farm Ag Motors  

Inverter Duty Motors with Shaft Grounding Rings


Large Motors

Bulletin 1304


EISA Small Motor Rule Brochure


Farm Ag Motors Bulletin 1040


Hydraulic SAE Motors


  Cooling Tower Motors   IEC Brochure   Jet Pump Motors  

SAE Hydraulic Pump Motors

Bulletin 1301


Cooling Tower Motors

Bulletin 1302


IEC Brochure

Bulletin 1855


Jet Pump Motors

  Permanent Magnet Motors   Inverters, Drives, AC Inverters, DC Inverters, Controls, AC controls, DC controls   EcoAg Motors   DC motors  

Permanent Magnet Technology

Bulletin 1900


AC & DC Inverters

Bulletin 1400

  Eco Ag Motors   Bulletin1600 DC  
  IEC Motors   Basic Training Booklet   LEESON University   Energy Efficiency  
  Bulletin 1600IEC   Motors Basic Training
  LEESON University   Energy Efficiency Brochure  
  Submersible Elevator Motors  

Subfractional gearmotors


Tobacco Barn Motor


Bulletin 1700 Cast Iron Motors

  Submersible Hydraulic
Pump Motors
  Bulletin 1830 AC & DC Gearmotors   Tobacco Barn Motors   Bulletin 1700  



Fire Pump Motors




Grove Gear


  Fire Pump Motors