LEESON Electric Corporation  

Case Studies


Electric Vehicles

If you attended the 2008 EASA show then you were able to see one of LEESON’s greatest “green” accomplishments.  There are multiple customers throughout our customer base who manufacture electric vehicles.  One west coast manufacturer in particular required a low voltage, high torque three phase motor.  This electric drive system has 7.5 kw (10hp) continuous power, with a peak power of 22.4 kw (30 hp).  This vehicle is one of a kind, and LEESON Electric is very proud to have been a part of its process.

Solar Power Plant

Located in the Nevada desert there is a 400 acre solar power plant.  With the sun bringing light to renewable energy technology LEESON is excited to be a part of this step into the future.  Mirrors are actuated to track the sun’s location across the horizon.  This is accomplished with a proprietary tracking system with is powered by a LEESON single phase motor.  This solar power plant generates up to 64 MW of electricity which is enough energy to power more than 14,000 homes.


electric car

Electric Car (shown above)

Solar Power (shown below)

solar mirrors