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Energy Independence and Securities ActEnergy Independence & Securities Act


E.I.S.A. Facts

This law was signed on December 19, 2007 and will be enforced beginning on December 19, 2010

On December 19, 2010, motor manufacturers may not build motors that have a lower nameplate efficiency than the rules allow.

Motors that are considered "finished goods" or are shipped from the factory before December 19, 2010 can be sold after December 19, 2010 because they were built before the deadline.

General Overview of Levels

  • General purpose motors that today need to meet EPACT, will need to meet premium efficiency levels in 2010
  • General purpose motors that were exempt from EPACT because of voltage, mounting, etc., will need to meet EPACT in 2010
  • Motors that cannot be used in most applications, such as special shafts, blowers or nonstandard frequencies, are exempt from any regulations for efficiency.

Specific E.I.S.A. Rules

Exempt / Not Covered

  • Single Phase
  • Special Shaft extensions
  • Special V/Hz inverter motors
  • Non-continuous motors
  • Design D
  • Phase converters
  • 50Hz
  • Two-digit frames (48,56)

Must meet EPACT (Table 12-11 -See link to NEMA tables below)

  • Close coupled pump
  • Vertical solid shaft
  • Round Body
  • Non standard voltages, 60Hz
  • 200-500hp
  • Firepump motors
  • U-frame

Must Meet NEMA Premium (Table 12-12 -See link to NEMA tables below)

  • 1-200hp
  • Design A & B
  • C-face, D-flange
  • Footed
  • Voltages covered by EPACT (60Hz)

Note: Frame size is not an exemption. If a motor is an IEC frame, follow the rules as if it was a NEMA frame. If a motor is above a NEMA frame (680), follow the rules just as if it was a 440 frame.

NOTE: NEMA Tables require registration with NEMA.





Motors that Meet Premium Efficiencies

Severe Duty & IEEE Wattsaver Motors


Cast Iron Hi Efficiency Helical Inline

Cast Iron GGI Shaft Mount Inlines

Ratio Multiplier Inline Gearboxes

Washguard Helical Inline Series

Washguard Shaft Mount Inlines

Washguard Ratio Multiplier Inlines

Stainless Steel Helical Inline Series

Stainless Steel Ratio Multipliers