LEESON Electric Corporation  

Technical Application Team

Application Issues, We've Got Solutions.  
The market today demands complex, detailed work from engineers. With these increased demands on their time, LEESON has just what they need, exactly when they need it most: the LEESON Technical Application Team.  
LEESON's Technical Application Team—is a task force of cross-functional, customer-focused experts from different fields, challenged with the task of constructing a custom motor to cost-effectively fit your unique application.  
With direct access to LEESON's full design resources and the latest design technology, as well as hands-on activities with actual motor and gearmotor components. LEESON understands the increased demands on your time, and will willingly work with you to deliver the exact application solution you need.  
More Expertise. More Speed. More Solutions.  
To find out more simply call your Local LEESON Sales Office and turn your idea into reality.