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Motor Modifications


Our MOD SQUAD Program, For LEESON and Lincoln Stock motors is set-up to meet your modified motor needs in a few days or less. With over 6,000 Stock motor offerings and 29 unique motor modification programs available, we can “Customize” a motor to meet your application needs.

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Available Modifications:
Bearing Modifications:
  • Change standard Shielded bearings to Sealed bearings
  • Change bearing type to a low temperature bearing
  • Install Insulated bearings to protect against stray voltage currents
Brakemotor Modifications:
  • Change existing motor brake to a weatherproof brake
  • Change torque rating of existing brake
  • Change brake coil voltage
  • Install LEESON Brake Kit on a Stock LEESON motor
  • Install Coupler Brake Kit on a LEESON or Lincoln Stock C-Face motor
Cords, Plugs and Grounding Provision modifications:
  • Install grounded line cord on single-phase motors – without plug
  • Install 6-foot grounded type cord, with plug on single-phase motors
  • Add an additional grounding screw to NEMA 48 and 56 Frame motors
Switches Power Plug or Electronic Starting:
  • Install on-off switch to 2 HP and smaller single-phase motors. Includes double-pole, single-throw switch in conduit box with switch guard and 6-foot, S.O. type cord
  • Replace mechanical centrifugal switch and stationary switch with a solid-state, electronic starting switch
Severe Duty Cast Iron Fan Covers:
  • Install Cast Iron fan guard on cast iron motors having a Steel fan guard
Condensate Drains:
  • Install one or two condensation drains on 215T and smaller rolled Steel motors
  • Install an additional one-way, stainless steel, condensation drain on 182T and larger cast iron motors
Add Drip Covers:
  • Install a drip cover on steel frame or cast iron, ODP type, motors
Leads Reconnect, Remark and Extend
  • Re-connect leads in the motor’s conduit box
  • Re-mark motor leads using metal markers
  • Add Crimp-type terminal lugs to Steel frame motors
Shaft Seals:
  • Install and oil seal on 215T and smaller steel frame motors
  • Add a stamped Steel base to a rolled Steel frame, 215T frame and smaller motor
  • Re-move a stamped Steel base on a 145T frame and smaller motor
  • Install a C-Face Kit on a non-C-Face 48 through 449T frame motor
  • Install a D-Flange on a 182T through 445T cast iron motor
  • Convert standard F1 motors to F2, sidewall or ceiling mount
  • Re-locate conduit box on NEMA 56-145T frame motors
  • Install B5 or B14 Flanges on IEC motors
  • Provide an extra motor nameplate-un-mounted. UL and CSA cannot be listed
  • Replace existing motor’s nameplate with new nameplate having customer’s part number, re-rate voltage or frequency
  • Replace standard motor’s aluminum or Mylar nameplate with a stainless Steel nameplate
  • Repaint motor to another LEESON or Lincoln stock color paint
Rodent Screens:
  • Add rodent screen to a LEESON ODP motor 182T through 326T frame
Space Heaters:
  • Add anti-condensation space heaters to totally enclosed or open motors
Lint-Proof Textile Service Motors:
  • Convert a standard LEESON TEFC motor, 56 – 184T, to a textile service motor
Motor Protection:
  • Exchange a manual overload to an automatic overload on a single-phase motor
  • Add a thermostat or thermistor to an AC or DC motor
Fungus Proofing and Tropicalization:
  • Special treatment to the motor’s windings and mechanical parts to resist tropical environments
Marine Service (IEEE-45) Motors:
  • Treatment to a 3-phase, TEFC, motor of the mechanical and electrical components for application below deck aboard ships.
Shaft Modifications:
  • Drill and tap one hole in either end of motor’s shaft or mill a flat on the drive end shaft extension
  • Convert a TEFC design motor to a TEAO motor
Tachometer Mounting Provisions DC Motors:
  • Add a tachometer mounting kit to a NEMA frame DC motor
CE Marking:
  • Modify motor to comply with the nameplate designation for CE
AC Inverters Remote Keypads:
  • Install a remote keypad on our AC Inverters
Terminal Blocks NEMA Motors:
  • Add a terminal block in the conduit box of a rolled steel motor, 56-215T frame, or to a cast iron, 182T – 440T, frame motor
Dynamic Braking Board Micro Series Inverters:
  • Install Dynamic Braking board in a Micro Series AC inverter
Encoder Kits Wattsaver and Speedmaster Motors:
  • Install a stock Encoder kit on a Wattsaver, Speedmaster or CTAC line of Inverter Duty motors
Blower Fan Kits:
  • Install a blower fan kit on a LEESON TEFC motor – 56 through 440T Frame Motors
Conduit Box Kits Larger Size:
  • Install a larger size conduit box on a Lincoln brand motor – 213T through 445T Frame Motors
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