LEESON Electric Corporation  


Where can I buy a LEESON or Lincoln motor?

LEESON and Lincoln sell their motors throughout the United States and the world through a network of authorized distributors. To find an authorized distributor or Sales office near to you, please enter your zip code in our “Where to Buy” menu screen.

What is the HP range of the motors that LEESON and Lincoln offer?

LEESON’s sub-fractional line of motors start at 1/40 HP and our Lincoln family of motors will take you through 700 HP.

What type of material is offered in the construction of your motors?
LEESON and Lincoln offer rolled steel frame motors through 500 HP, Aluminum Frame motors through 30 HP, Cast-iron frame motors through 700 HP and Stainless Steel frame motors through 10 HP.
When did LEESON Electric and Lincoln Motors start their business?

LEESON Electric was founded in 1972 in Grafton WI and Lincoln Motors was founded in 1895 in Cleveland OH.

How do I find technical information about your product?
You can view technical information like motor performance data, wiring diagrams and outline drawings on our stock motors by simply entering the motor’s catalog number in our “Product Quick Search” of our Web page.
Does LEESON Electric or Lincoln Motors manufacture special motors?

Both LEESON and Lincoln specialize in designing and manufacturing motors that are unique to our customer’s applications. Along with our Field Sales Reps., we have a dedicated team at LEESON that concentrates on immediate solutions for unique applications, whether your application needs are a small quantity build or hundreds of units.

Does LEESON Electric and Lincoln Motors offer inverter rated motors?

All LEESON 3-phase motors, 1 HP and above, utilize their IRIS™ insulation system, which is a total protection system that includes spike resistant magnet wire and phase insulation to the winding coils. All LEESON Wattsaver®, premium efficient motors also utilize the IRIS™ insulation system.  We also offer a line of motors that are designed specifically to run using an inverter and have encoder feedback option.